Guide sur l’évaluation des interventions de proximité

Guidelines for the evaluation of outreach work: a manual for practitioners

EMCDDA, Lisbon, December 2001

Policymakers and practitioners around the world acknowledge the importance of outreach work in the drug field, but the fact that it is a good idea does not mean that every project is of the same standard. Clients, policymakers and project staff need ways of assessing whether projects are fulfilling their aims and objectives. These guidelines aim to help outreach projects: to understand their aims and objectives; to understand and value their activity; to improve that activity; and to show themselves and others their worth.

Table of contents

  • Introduction: Evaluation dialogue 1
  • Approaching evaluation
    • Why evaluate?
    • Four essential principles
    • Outreach evaluation: our approach
    • Empowerment evaluation
    • Assumption-focused evaluation
  • Designing and implementing your evaluation
    • Overview of the evaluation process
    • Evaluation dialogue 2
    • The four stages of evaluation
  • Evaluation techniques
    • Methods and data analysis
    • Communicating and presenting your results
  • Glossary
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